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While I await the answer to my earlier question on applying object size attribute to other objects...... a general approach question on Template Use.

While I think I understand the concept of application of different Diagram Styles to a given diagram, ie. application AFTER a diagram has been made, I really am not understanding the concept of a Template versus an existing Diagram. It seems to me that you can use either one as a starting point for a new diagram, the only difference between the two is:

1) A template is stored in a one of the special locations (e.g. Drawing, Brainstorming, etc.) where Omnigraffle puts them and

2) When you start a new diagram using a Template, the initial name of your new diagram is "Untitled" while using an existing diagram as a starting point does not rename it so, ie you should save it as a new name not to overwrite your previous diagram/document.

Otherwise, I really don't see the difference between using a document that contains a diagram and a template as the starting point for a new diagram except that the latter is stored as a template. Am I missing something?

On the other hand, you can't apply a diagram style from an existing document/diagram; it must be stored as a style.

Am I understanding this correctly?