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Do you need an arbitrary rotation factor or just 90? If the latter, Arrange > Swap Axes should do the trick. Otherwise, I'm afraid you'll need to transform the data itself in another app and then re-import to OmniGraphSketcher.
Hi, Thank you for responding to my query. I need an arbitrary rotation factor. It is for illustrative purposes demonstrating curve rotation when an exogenous variable changes.

Is there another Omnigroup product that would do this (or one that others might recommend to take on this task)? I see that OmniGraffle will rotate objects but I gather that is a program designed for flow charts not really designed for this task. I mention this as I am pondering purchasing OmniGraffle to use to make flow charts and to do some mind mapping so if I could also use it in conjunction with OmniGraphSketcher to rotate graphs that would be an added bonus.

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