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Iíve been looking through the various threads and I canít find a way to separate my work and personal reviews. I have my OmniFocus set up so that all of my general/personal projects are in the Library, then there is a separate folder for ďWork,Ē a separate folder for ďTemplatesĒ (that is always on hold) and a separate folder for "side business." I want to find a way to exclude the Work folder when I review the Library, Templates, and Side Business folders--I am trying to separate business and personal as much as possible, and their respective reviews take on totally different meanings and mindsets.

I've set it up so that I can do a review of just the Work folder, but I canít find a way to reverse the process.

If I click on the Review perspective and then de-select the Work folder and all its projects, then the perspective works for that one time. However, if I add a project in any of my folders, it will not show up in the review perspective--it would have to be re-selected and added to that perspective since it is going by a specific list of selections from the previous time.

I hope this makes sense! I know itís a tiny thing and I could make the projects in my library under a Personal folder and select that for a review the same as I currently do for my Work review, but Iím really trying to simplify the project names that get cluttered with all the folders and subfolders and projects.

Thanks for your help! Any advice on a workaround would be much appreciated