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Hello -

In OmniGraffle Pro 4.1.1 (v127), I noticed in adding stencils downloaded from your website or this forum, that I can organize them into folders, and have those folders show up in the Stencil inspector.

For example:

~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/Network
~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/Software
~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/Business
... and so on.

What I would like to know is, how can I organize the original OmniGraffle stencils, such as Magnetized? Is there a way I can "group" those in a folder that shows up in the Stencil inspector?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.

Rick Cogley
Tokyo, Japan