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Hi guys,

Just 4 short question.

1 - Is there anyway to fast scale text, like in Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign by pulling the text box handles out? I find it too much time consuming to go to the Text Box and change it size.

2 - Is there anyway i can change the standard keyboard shortcuts? I am an Illustrator user and i am very used to my usual shortcuts.

3 - My current website wireframe work is for a PDF email presentation. Is there anything i should keep in mind while saving as PDF an Omnigraffle Document?

4 - and last...I find that even if i change units to centimeters or pixels but Arrangements Separation Palette is still in Inches. Is there anyway to select the whole Units of a document (like in Indesign) at the beginning of the work?

Sorry for so many question, i started to look in google but i haven't found the right answer.


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