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No worries.

Not quite. You are used to the PC products, lying to you as usual. Eg. there is no such sequence as Command+; it is CommandShift= (and we all realise the + is Shift=).


You can lodge a Feature Request to "Scale Text to RibbonSize", but it will be a significant change to the Text object definition.

Option-Click on any object, then move the cursor, click where you want the copied object, does exactly that. That's using an Apple standard, so OmniGraffle works intuitively; it does a lot of that. Which is why I cautioned you on changing shortcuts; that will cut you off from intuitive actions, now and in future.

Great info! Thanks. I just would like to shrink text and objects at the same proportion. I do notice that text will keep its size while object will shrink. I am sure it not a difficult adjustment. Could you tell me where is it?

Guau...that is a good insight on the Metric vs Imperial System...but in a globalized world is a bit strange not to have a universal measure. It also makes your products more competitive and the US is certainly a major industrial power. I don't get it. I knew of problems with the Concord Jet airplane between England and France in 1970s because of difference measures system too.

I have no idea Children could be in Death Penalty sentence. That is quite scary!

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