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It's a brand new iPad-only app, for crying out loud! There is no OmniGraffle for iPhone/iPod Touch. There is only OmniGraffle for iPad. If you come across or hear of an iPad-only app that only uses an iPhone's worth of the screen, please let me know, this I want to see!

If a developer is going to go to the trouble of making an app that only uses the real estate of the iPhone/iPod, why wouldn't they sell it for both the iPhone/iPod and the iPad? There are only something like 100x as many potential customer devices that way :)

The expanded pictures in the gallery are essentially life-size on my MacBook screen, compared to my iPad. If you really can't tell from a glance whether they are what you want, I'm not sure the difference is significant :)

There are only two OG iPad apps, OmniGraffle for iPad and OmniGraphSketcher for iPad. They are both brand-new applications, written for the iPad.