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Scheduling is key to being able to get things done. Right now Omnifocus appears to be a high end To Do list. It needs to be more than that.

If you schedule a task for a date in the future, you don't want to have to see those (unless you want to see the whole project at a glance) until those items come up.

If I schedule a call to Mr. Jones in November (and a million other calls and emails in between) - I certainly don't want to have to look at them, and have to sort through them, in April, May, June, etc.
Judging from this question and another similar one that I have also replied to, it sounds like you're a pretty new user of OF. Are you using contexts, perspectives, folders, start and due dates (which would address your future tasks question)? These and other features make OF far more than "a high-end To Do list." But let's start with those first since they are pretty fundamental to using OF. Also, not that it's a prerequisite to using OF, are you familiar with the GTD system? Have you read David Allen's book? The reason I ask is that if you don't have at least a basic understanding of terms like "context," then you will struggle a bit to get up to speed with OF. And if you haven't read the book, have you at least viewed the OF help videos that Omni provides on their site? They're not long and can at least get you headed in the right direction.