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There's an earlier thread Chrome support? which was resolved as "[A: Chrome supports our Send to OmniFocus bookmarklet.]" What I'm asking for is to include the URL when clipping text, so for example I can clip part of a Gmail message as a task and be able to return to that message thread from within Omnifocus. Somebody posted "Clipping text from web page in Chrome - no URL" but it was merged with the aforementioned thread.

Based on the Chrome developer's Twitter post, I take it that Chrome now supports clipping. (since Chrome 8 actually) I've used the keyboard shortcut to clip from Chrome and it works fine.

The only problem is it doesn't include the URL the way Safari does. (It also uses the window title for the task name instead of a summary but I can live with that.) It appears that Safari's more useful clipping comes from a Safari-specific clipping plugin while Chrome is stuck with the "Any Application" plugin.

When will Chrome have an app-specific clipping plugin like Safari?