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Thanks DrJJWMac for your reply.

So in my case:

- Project A
- Project B

are completely different assignments. So if I complete Project A, I still have to do project C, D, E...

I try to make my own milestones on a project-to-project basis. Usually, but not always, it's in the form of writing X pages or a specific section of a project.

So in the original post when I said "the tasks are too spread out between projects" on the old workflow. I meant that each project had at most 3 tasks associated with it at any given time. Sometimes, if a writing project is early enough in development it could only have one task contained with it.

Perspectives helped a bit to make viewing all my tasks less cumbersome.

By "the tasks are too spread out between projects", you actually hit the nail on the head. Using that new workflow does make it seem endless and overwhelming.

Ideally, I guess, what I'm ultimately trying to do is achieve a happy medium. Where I don't have a project for each writing assignment cause then I have so many projects, but at the same time like you said under one "writing" container that one writing project becomes too cluttered to become particularly useful.

I hope that makes more sense.