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So I have a group of tasks with 1 parent/multiple children, in a project, that is sequential. Each task has its own proper context, all of which are active. Here's my problem;

The project isn't on hold, I have other tasks/groups within the project that can be worked on - so the project status is active

This particular group of sequential tasks can't be started and shouldn't be available, until I get an email back confirming to go ahead with this part of the project. I would like all the task to have their correct contexts, which are all active. I don't want to put a start date in to make them inactive as I don't know exactly when I will get a reply, could be tomorrow, could be in two weeks. I've found if I manually assign a "on hold" context to the parent by right clicking, only the parent will become inactive, and only in context mode. In planning the parent and the first sequential item are still active.

Is there a way to put a group on hold within a project? I don't know if something recently changed but i've never seemed to have this problem before, and never noticed the parent action doesn't have a context (or a viewable one in planning mode at least), maybe just never came up or has something changed?