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So I have a group of tasks with 1 parent/multiple children, in a project, that is sequential. ... This particular group of sequential tasks can't be started and shouldn't be available, until I get an email back confirming to go ahead with this part of the project. ...
AFAIK, Groups within Projects cannot themselves be put On Hold. Two suggestions come to mind here.

A) Create an appropriate action that has a Waiting On or SomeOne or other such context as the "gatekeeper" task to start the group.

Project A
- Group 1 (sequential)
-- send notice to start this work group [email] -- COMPLETED
-- get email reply confirming start [Waiting On]
-- start this work group [computer]

In this regard, you also might search for the Complete and Await Reply (or equivalent) Applescript that can convert the "send notice ..." task to completed, create a copy as uncompleted, and move the context of the copy to Waiting For (or equivalent).

B) Divide the project as a Folder with groups becoming Projects in their own right. Then, put the Project (formerly the Group) "On Hold".