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I love using the iPad's forecast view (I know this is the Mac forum) which shows tasks that are due or start for the current week, and I almost exclusively use it to drive my daily projects.

It has a couple of short fallings:
- items that have both a start and due date are listed in both groupings, so the day looks busier than it is, and it creates extra "noise" that you have to filter through to find tasks

- start date items get lost in the shuffle after the actual start date passes. They no longer show up on the radar.

- flagged items don't show up, and I would like to see these in the "radar" view of forecast view

So I end up doing a lot of bouncing back and forth between the various days in the forecast view, a start items perspective (to see tasks with a recent, but passed start date), and a flagged tasks perspective.

This is a lot of bouncing and back and forth, and tasks often show up in all three views.

So I thought, OK lets have Omni just build some tweaks to Forecast view to fix the issues above, which would be easy enough to do as well.

But what if we could build custom perspectives that had this kind of power?

So I could build a perspective that:

Finds tasks with a due date within the current work week, plus past due items and grouped them at the top.
Then lists tasks with a start date within the last two weeks (but excludes tasks already listed in the due group).
Then lists tasks that are flagged (but excludes tasks already listed in the due/start groups).

One list to rule them all!

EDIT PS: Another way to think of this, or a faster way for Omni to maybe develop this (but not as powerful as a way to build custom perspectives with advanced filters and grouping), would be to extend the Status Filter to include a "Due or Flagged or Start Date" option

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