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I had a complex project hierarchy ó lots oí folders and subfolders. Last week I flattened that hierarchy almost completely, and Iím rather happy with the results.

I have about two dozen active projects from every part of my life, and they are all visible in the sidebar at once at the root level of the library.

Another 3 or 4 dozen on-hold and pending projects inhabit the root as well.

Then thereís a rather heavily populated ďsomeday, maybeĒ folder.

And thatís pretty much it. A nearly folderless arrangement!

Personal projects are snuggled right up to worky projects, and itís not bothering me. I thought it would mess with my head, but itís not. It turns out that being able to see all my active projects is so pleasingly easy to absorb at a glance that the organizational melting pot doesnít bother me.

This partially came from the insight that I should not really have any more active projects than I can see at once. Any more than that is probably delusional ó many of them probably arenít really ďactive,Ē just wishful thinking. But if I only have a relatively small number of active projects at any given time, I thought, why bury them in a hierarchy?

Probably not for everyone. I didnít think it was for me, until I tried it. So I thought Iíd share the experience.