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I find that kind of bold simplification both liberating and strangely exhilarating ...
Yes, thatís still how it feels!

A couple days on, Iím finding some mild hunger for hierarchy is developing. Nothing compared to the hardcore hierarchy I had before, but some craving. Itís still not bothering me to have a melty mess of different types of projects right beside each other ... but it is bothering me a little to complex, long-term projects mixed in with several minor ones. Iím not sure why, but it does.

So Iím thinking of adding just ONE more folder, for minor stuff, for a total of two folders ó still pretty simple! And there is a certain symmetry to that... my larger active projects bookended by a folder of trivial short-term projects at the top, and a folder of someday-maybe projects at the bottom.

Yeah, I like that. Iím a-gonna do it!