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In addition to Bill's suggestion re: the Return key, can I suggest that you add your former New Action keyboard shortcut as your Quick Entry shortcut?
That way, you don't need to remember one shortcut to use while OmniFocus is in front, and a second one when you're working in some other app.

It's true that Quick Entry doesn't give you keyboard focus in a window that doesn't have it, but there were a bunch of cases where what New Action did while giving you keyboard focus was bad.

No KB focus in Project View - New action created in the Inbox, changing your view and nuking whatever it was showing before.

No KB focus in Context View - New miscellaneous action appears in whatever bucket was at the bottom of the window. If this was a context, the action was assigned to that context, whether you wanted it to be or not. You also had to a select all in the project cell to assign the action to some other project if you didn't actually want a miscellaneous action.

As a customer service guy, I know how hard it is for folks to un-learn something they're used to. In this case, though, I really think it's worth it. Of course, if after trying it for a few days, you still hate it, we want to know!

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