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I am trying to find a practical solution for my company of 6 people.

I have used many gantt-style solutions over the years, including omniplan, and find that a standard gantt approach quickly turns into a giant time-suck. It appears to me that the method requires too much detail, scheduling every little tiny task in way to much detail, and soon it is a full time job just to manage the gantt chart. On the other hand, I have used many task-focused applications, but most lack anyway to visualize the tasks in a time view.

I found myself flipping between omniplan and omnifocus, getting nothing done in the process Because the need is somewhere in the middle. For a small business you want a simple "course-resolution" project gantt that is easy to manage and reschedule on the top level, with simple omnifocus-like tasks for each stage of the project. Tasks should start out as a checklist from a template, and then users should be able to add tasks, delegate tasks between users, both on mobile and desktop.

We currently have dropped omnifocus, because it lacks any multi-user features, and are using Asana. But Asana lacks off-line, a native app, and any way to organize in a time-line/gantt view. I've looked at the current version of Daylite, which actually looks quite good with the project pipeline+tasks. But doesn't look like you can schedule all of your project pipelines in a single large project management view.

I would like to hear your thoughts