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I have worked very hard to create a very in-depth project plan in OmniPlan instead of Microsoft Project, because I like the interface better and the ability to sync to my iPad when travelling appeals to me. Now I'm stopped dead in my tracks. When I try to publish the new plan, I get the following:

"An error occurred while publishing.

You need to update to the newest version of the project before publishing your changes."

Which is interesting, because I've never published the file to the server before. But I bite and select update. Then I get:

"An error occurred while updating.

not found?

That error makes sense because the file was never published. And the mobius strip of frustration begins...

I've uninstalled and re-installed Omniplan on both my MBP and my iPad. I've reset and tested the account link several times. I went on my iPad to confirm that no file was present on the server. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Help! I don't want to use MS Project, but I really don't do Windows. If I can't sync to my iPad the extra effort to import and/or build a project plan in Omniplan isn't there.
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