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My iPad downloaded an update to OminOutliner today. The release notes said it was "Omni Presence ready." I downloaded an app that installed OmniPresence on my MacBook Air. I've had to jump through a bunch of hoops since then, creating account name, email, password, etc., which is no big deal, but then I get to the end, and it says "You are signed up for this test!"

Wait a minute. If Ken says "May 22 is the release date," if most of the website implies its up and running, if OmniPresence is "now a part of OmniOutliner on the iPad," if people say you can use it now, why am I blocked?

What am I missing here? Is it ready or not?

Ken states VERY specifically on the blog "I’m very pleased to announce that OmniPresence document syncing will ship on May 22!" All the pieces seem to be ready. But when I get to the final point, I am informed that everything is still in test mode.

I've been waiting for this for something like 3 years. I don't care if I have to wait another 3 years—I just don't want to be told in SO many places that it's now working, only then to be told after going through all the different registration procedures that it's still in test mode!

Really, OG, you know how to drive a guy crazy.