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I only have a few things to add to Derek's post. In addition to the page he linked to, OmniPresence for Mac's built in Help material contains a good overview. (It's accessible from the gear drop-down in the upper-right of the main panel.)

Next, this thread lists several alternatives to our server. That's one way to avoid the queue. You can always add our server alongside the other ones later, if you like. That's another advantage of this approach: different sets of files can sync to different servers simultaneously.

As to why there's a queue required to use OmniPresence with our server: until we know how much traffic it'll generate, we don't want to risk disrupting your OmniFocus sync. Adding OmniPresence to the mix gradually requires a bit more patience in the short term, but also lets us ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Hopefully that tradeoff seems worth it. ;-)