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...Launch OmniOutliner for iPad. Tap the Import button in the upper left of the screen; it looks like an arrow pointing downwards into an inbox or tray...
You should not have to do this. On the iPad, with the latest version of OmniOutliner, touch the center top to get a menu of choices: Local Documents, Trash, Cloud Setup, Sort by... If you have already completed Cloud Setup then the server should also be listed: "Omni Sync Server, Local Documents, Trash..."

Choose Omni Sync Server (or whatever you called it at setup, or your own server, whichever you are using) and you should see all the same OO files that you have on your Mac in the OmniPresence folder.

The sync is document based so if there is active editing of the same file going on with two or more devices the OmniPresence will create versions of the file if necessary so edits do not get overwritten. I find the sync is fast enough that if I move from my hands from one device to the other the sync has caught up and there are no unaccounted for edits but it would be possible to trip up the sync with more than one user.