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I was just told by tech support that I am on (yet another) waiting list. Every month there's a new waiting list for OmniOutliner sync. After three years of waiting, it's not the waiting that is driving me insane, it is the inaccurate representations made by Ken and OmniGroup employees that are driving me insane.

I was told a month ago that I was being put on a list, and that I was so far down the list (over 10,000) that it would be a while.

Now there's a new list. I've been put on it, yes, but OG won't tell me how long it is, what # I am, or how long it will be.

From Ken's blog posting yesterday: "Iím very pleased to announce that OmniPresence document syncing will ship on May 22!" This is inaccurate and untrue. That's why I'm pissed. I wouldn't care if OG had said sometime last year, "OK, sorry you guys, but you'll have to wait 20 months for this." That would have been OK.

What's NOT ok is Ken posting: Sync is here! (when it isn't).

This shows both a lack of transparency and no accountability.

I used to love Ken and the way he handled everything. Not anymore.

And I am still waiting, 3 years on now, for sync to come to my 100s of outlines so I can read them on all my devices. I rely on OmniOutline for my business and personal needs, use it 2-3 hours a day, so these delays and the repeated obfuscations are infuriating.