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I created a Sync Folder yesterday. It has the correct icon and everything.

Today, when I launch OmniPresence on my Mac, it forces me to start all over again. I click on "Create a Sync Folder" (my only choice), point it to the folder I set up yesterday (and which I'm using for my Omni Sync Server), and I get the error:

You don’t have permission to save the file “OmniPresence” in the folder “OmniPresence”.

Does anyone understand this?
I don't know why this would happen. After you get OmniPresence set up, does it appear to function properly for the remainder of that session? What you were actually telling OmniPresence to do when you tried to reconnect to the existing folder is to create a folder inside the existing one call "OmniPresence". You can not select an existing folder to use for sync, it must create a new one, so when you select a folder in the browser, you are choosing to create a folder inside that one. That error would imply you do not have write access to the existing "OmniPresence" folder. Suggesting to me something went wrong with the set up or it was never finished.

If you do not have any files in the OmniPresence folder, I would suggest deleting it and starting over. If you do have files in it, then I would do as pjb suggested and either rename that folder, or choose a different name to use with OmniPresence and see if you run into any problems. If it does not seem to be working, our Support Humans would be happy to troubleshoot with you over the phone (1-800-315-6664) if that would be easier.

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Also: from reading the instructions about OmniOutliner, I get the impression that this isn't true sync, that I have to "import" and "export" on my iPad in order to push and get outlines that are on my Mac:
Launch OmniOutliner for iPad. Tap the Import button in the upper left of the screen; it looks like an arrow pointing downwards into an inbox or tray.

Choose “Copy from WebDAV” from the popover that appears.

Enter into the “Address” field (again, including the trailing “/”); enter your account name and password into the appropriate fields, as well.

Tap the blue “Sign In” button in the upper right.

At this point, a window will appear listing the files stored in your sync server account. You can select any of the files to copy them to your iPad. Once you have a file you want to send back up to the server, you can do so with the following steps:

Select the document in the document picker.

Tap the Sharing button in the upper left of the screen, then select “Export” from the popover that appears.

Tap “Export to WebDAV”, then choose the format to export the document to on the next page.
So is it true that with OmniOutliner, we still have to import and export, even if we do get an Omni Sync Server account set up on the web, get the server set up on the Mac, log into it after every reboot (which I have to do), and even find a way to get the OmniPresence software running on a Mac (which I haven't been able to do yet)?

Thanks for any help.
The instructions you listed here are not for syncing. That is the import/export support we have offered from day one on the iPad which is still available as using OmniPresence is not required. You may also use a server that isn't OmniPresence compatible or have files on a server you want to retrieve to add to OmniPresence. If you have updated your iPad apps, it would be version 1.5 for OmniOutliner (you can check by using the Contact Omni option under the gear menu and the version will be listed in the email subject), there is a help entry called "Syncing with OmniPresence" that has the information you are looking for.

To start using OmniPresence, tap the Local Documents title in the toolbar and choose Cloud Setup.

First pick the type of account you'd like to create. Enter the server's location (if necessary) and your login information, and be sure that OmniPresence is set to ON. (If not, the server will act as remote storage instead of actively syncing updates and changes.)

When you're ready, tap Connect. OmniOutliner will check to make sure the server is compatible with OmniPresence, and then your new folder will be connected to the cloud.

After connecting you'll find yourself looking at an empty cloud folder. To sync files stored locally you can use the Move All Local Documents button, or for individual documents:

1. Tap the title in the toolbar and choose Local Documents.

2. Tap Edit in the toolbar, and tap to select the documents you'd like to move.

3. Tap Share, then Move to "(folder name)". The files will be moved from Local Documents to your cloud sync folder.

Files stored in an OmniPresence-enabled folder will sync automatically whenever changes are made to them. To stop syncing a file, just move it back to Local Documents. To disconnect a synced folder from OmniOutliner, go to Cloud Setup and tap Edit to delete the folder from your list of OmniPresence accounts. Note that this won't delete any remaining contents of the folder; the files will remain in the cloud, but won't be affected by changes on this device.

The OmniPresence button appears in the toolbar when viewing a synced folder in the document browser as well as when editing a document in a synced folder. It animates to indicate a sync is in process, and if needed you can tap it to prompt a sync as well.
If there's still confusion about any of this, please let us know!