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I've seen subsequent email from santra that gives me reason to believe he's no longer upset with us, but there are a few things here that I believe need clarification lest later visitors read this and form the wrong impression. My goal here isn't to scold anyone - just to set a few facts straight.

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From Ken's blog posting yesterday: "Iím very pleased to announce that OmniPresence document syncing will ship on May 22!" This is inaccurate and untrue.
The blog post in question announces that a document-syncing technology named OmniPresence shipped and was available on May 22nd. This is both accurate and true. At issue was the fact that santra couldn't use that technology to sync with our servers, which is also mentioned in the blog post. There were (and are) a number of alternatives that were available that day.

It may also help to know that the limitation at issue here was put in place to ensure that a flood of new traffic didn't knock the servers offline, as has happened to other vendors recently. Once we saw that the servers were handling the additional traffic well, we made OmniPresence available to all sync server accounts. That happened just slightly more than 24 hours after OmniPresence shipped.

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