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OO 2 has really solved my issues with this application, and has went from a promising-but-not-quite-there app to my primary workhorse when writing / brainstorming on an iPad.

1. Spelling system now works - even with BT keyboard
2. BT keyboard shortcuts now include most everything needed for high productivity (I have not found a way to interact on spelling yet from the keyboard, and a few other things - but otherwise its there...)
3. Overall superior way to interface with structured text on an iPad
4. Can at least export in text - so I have a fully searchable / cross-platform way to store the output of an outline process

If this worked fluidly with markdown/mmd (import / export) then would replace nearly all text entry on an iPad. Even without, this is a mature app for high productivity structured writing. I can finally leave my mac behind at times and have same high productivity with a K811 and iPad via OO2...