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Just bought OO2
  • External keyboard TAB + SHIFT TAB - good !
  • bullets and triangles less obtrusive - excellent.
  • UI to work-area contrasts quieter - much better ...

  1. Saturated orange all over the place - unfamiliar and distracting. Why ? A gritty insistence on 'decoration' ?
  2. Bright white screen - no dark screen alternative. Thumbs down from the research on this. Especially in the evenings.
  3. No way of sending current line(s) to OmniFocus I can do this from Editorial or Drafts, why not OmniOutliner ?
  4. No workflows or Python scripts. Again Editorial has these, and Drafts has url schemes. A strength of OSX OO is scripts. A pity to have fallen well behind the competitive curve on productivity here.
  5. Markdown ?
  6. Markdown ?
  7. Markdown ?

Will I use it ?

Occasionally, I hope. Maybe when I need to use columns for some reason.

But I'll still be living in Editorial and Drafts. A general feeling here of falling behind the competition in terms of productivity and inter-app exchange. And in terms of UI design both of those are visually much less mannered and intrusive.
In particular, less orange ...

I hope that Omni isn't defining its graphic goals in decorative terms ('bright white + saturated colors').

omz:software and Agile Tortoise are clearly defining theirs in terms of what is needed by productivity: deference and clarity. No mistaking workspace for decorative canvas or portfolio exhibit.

An in Editorial I can choose between a white screen and a dark one. No orange flourishes everywhere.