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I agree that Things did seem to be a little more intuitive & "Mac-like" than OmniFocus. If you're familiar with OmniOutliner, OF will feel very familiar (it actually was born from the marriage of OmniOutliner & Kinkless GTD scripts). I really love OF as a product so far, and I would hate for the UI to scare new users away -- hopefully OF will take that into account in future versions & see if there are ways to simplify it without taking away the wonderful functionality, as thus feel easier to new users. That said, the power of perspectives make it soooo easy to customize the UI the way *you* want it, and be able to pull up any "view" of that UI at any time, with a single click or keystroke. I don't know if Things has a similar feature, but in my opinion, it's one of the most powerful features in OF.

Side note: If you haven't started using the "Clippings" feature to create new tasks from your e-mails, you should try it out -- its REALLY useful!