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I've used both, and I came back to Omnifocus. I outlined my thoughts in a blog post at the time

In short I didn't like the tagging feature of Things, and I found the lack of flexibility to hamper my ability to manage a whole-life to do list. It is simple and attractive but just not powerful enough for me.
hey thanks for sharing that blog post - I'm wondering if you could share a bit more about the "Areas of Responsibility" bit you like about Things.

I've an avid user of OF and don't intend to switch anytime soon and this kind of functionality is really missing for me.

What do you do about projects that are on the critical path in your life and co-exist in multiple areas of life in OF?

I've tried folders and perspectives but it's become a bit of a headache to maintain!

that said, I'm not familiar enough with Things to know if Things lets you assign a project to multiple areas!