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Things for iPhone still doesn't have recurring tasks or OTA synching nearly a year after Cultured Code promised that they would be adding them. There have been a lot of point updates to the app in that time and each one brings disappointment for its users.

This is the major difference between the two apps: one set of developers deliver, the other doesn't.

Also, the tagging UI in Things on the iPhone is absolutely abysmal. It makes what should be a good feature to have utterly worthless.

Things on the iPhone has been a terrible waste of money for me. I keep dabbling with it in the hope that it will one day improve, but I always end up frustrated with its severe limitations.

P.S. I don't use the desktop app - the lack of improvement in the iPhone app for several months put me off paying for it.
Thanks for the info, JKT -- all of that makes me feel very good about my investment in the desktop & iPhone versions of OF! =)