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some very quick initial thoughts on OO4.

i like the new interface - especially the updated unified sidebar. it might be nice to have some control over the styling of items in the sidebar - emboldening, italics, perhaps, i'm not sure about this yet, so i haven't yet sent a particular request to support. i'd be interested to hear what other users think about this. in the sidebar, with OO3, i am able to reveal subsections by double-clicking any sub-section item with children, i would like to do this with OO4, but at present there is only a context-menu item 'show' or 'hide' subsections.
i think i've discovered a bug with this (which i've emailed support about) when i choose 'show sub-sections' (or children) nothing happens. however, when i close the file and re-open it, the sub-sections then appear in the sidebar, with their parent having the bullet-point changed to a working disclosure triangle. until this is fixed, i can't use OO4 for anything more serious than playing around.

the ability to zoom - at last! - is beautiful.

i have, over the years, got used to OO3's much maligned styling processes, and i find the new OO4 style section very obscure and apparently illogical after OO3. i also have the iPad outliner, and i find that similarly (although not quite so) confusing. i think i need to make myself think about it a bit more.