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I've been with Omni since the early days with OmniWeb. That makes what, twelve years? I was an early adopter of Omni Focus and paid for it while it was still in beta. I've spent hundreds of dollars on everything Omni makes, including their Mobile products. With iOS 7, Omni is charging top price for their upgrades [19.99 for OF2 for iPhone and 29.99 for OmniOutliner 2 for iPad]. By the time all their mobile versions come out and their upgrades for the Mac, hundreds more will be spent. They'll get folks to fork over the cash, especially those with professional software budgets. But for me, and I dare say for many others, they are pricing me out of the market. It is sad they do not do what other developers have done with upgrade pricing: charge an initial low price for a week or so and then raise the price. Agilebits has done that [TWICE] with 1Password.

Alas, Omni is becoming like Adobe and FileMaker: charging loyal customers regular prices for upgrades and thus neglecting this vital customer base.

I am sad, angry, and frustrated. I'll keep using my Omni products until they are no longer working for whatever platform I am on.

So long Omni. It's been fun and I will miss you.

Too bad you won't miss me....