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When I tried to recreate it, I realised I did something wrong. In my perspective for "available", I selected some actions from the SAL, hit inspector, then the project tab (instead of context tab), and changed status to "on hold".

However, I encountered another problem when pausing those actions by changing their context status. Now their contexts and their entire actions are on hold.

Of course... What else could've happened?.. When you select something and change the status of its project, you change the status of its project, and when you change the context status of it, you change the context status.

I guess I was expecting for OF to somehow provide a way for pausing some non-sequential actions without pausing anything else. Is there a way? Or am I simply trying to do something unnecessary; something that is achievable by doing something else?

And, what about the review options on OF for iPad? It shows drop, pause, complete, etc buttons for each action. What does it actually change when we pause an action during review?

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