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However, I encountered another problem when pausing those actions by changing their context status. Now their contexts and their entire actions are on hold.
Well, yes, if you put the context on hold, all of its actions will be on hold. The idea is that if you have a context for a place you won't be going, you can put all actions for that context on hold at once by setting the context on hold. So, all of the tasks relating to your summer home in Antarctica can be put on hold except for the month you are going to be there :-)

I guess I was expecting for OF to somehow provide a way for pausing some non-sequential actions without pausing anything else. Is there a way? Or am I simply trying to do something unnecessary; something that is achievable by doing something else?
You can pause individual actions and action groups by putting a future start date on them, as I said. The next major version of OmniFocus is supposed to rework the object data model so that individual actions can be put on hold, dropped, etc. Don't forget to breathe occasionally while waiting for the announcement that it is ready to ship :-)
And, what about the review options on OF for iPad? It shows drop, pause, complete, etc buttons for each action. What does it actually change when we pause an action during review?
Those buttons are for the project.