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After a brief hiatus from GTD and Omnifocus, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I enjoyed using the system at first but there were some areas that were working directly against me in terms of generating anxiety.

I found the system and software to be extremely useful with the more concrete elements of my day to day life, stuff that had immediate actionable tasks I could carry out or even put off until a certain date. However, I wasn't as good at handling some of the more high-level, vague goal type projects or tasks that I had come up with in my brain dump. I found that I had a lot of high level goals that I wanted to accomplish, things like becoming a better Game Designer , Learning the Guitar, Reading more books, Becoming a better Photographer, etc, but somewhat unsure how to handle grouping these projects or even if these were the best way to group the projects themselves. Furthermore, when I'd look at my projects list I'd see this giant pile of things that I wanted to do but weren't really getting done...and anxiety would ensue, eventually turning into something that made made just want to stop checking in on the system itself.

So I guess I'm curious how some of you have handled grouping your bigger projects into things you can actually work with and how you mentally combat anxiety and negative thoughts associated with seeing a giant list of stuff that isn't getting done.