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I have a projects database that is about 400 kb in size. I try to avoid file attachments...but including everything that is completed, there's over 3000 records in there. Prior to this version (including that script for cleaning up the db posted a few weeks back) my filesize was growing faster than the consumer price index. Opening the db on my iPhone was a slow and tedious task--it crashed 1/3 of the time, and was ponderously slow in any case. And the syncing...forget about it, the phone would go into power save mode before a sync would complete. It was, to put it mildly, not functional.

But I pinned my hopes on you guys last year before OF for OS X came out. I bought the iPhone expecting to sync my to-do list from day 1 (thanks, Steve. :/ ). So I kept waiting. And you've delivered!

I have to say things are working a lot more like I had hoped they would now that OF 1.03 (and iPhone 2.02, I suppose). Syncs are fast. The app doesn't crash. I can actually type in real time. Switching views isn't like a 3-point-turn on an oil tanker. It just works, as the cultists like to say!

So thanks you ninjas, wherever you are.

p.s. Will we get to /focus/ in the iPhone app? :eek: