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I am trying out the demo to find out if OmniGraffle works for my needs.
I have bee using mindjet manager, but am not entirely satisfied with their layout capabilities.

The problem comes from wanting to generate connections between objects that follow a variety of paths (not just from one magnet to another). An example would be an org-chart layout. I see that this is accomplished for a simple org chart using diagram style. I would like to be able to do this for a variety of tree structures. However, when I change the org-chart layout in almost any way, it gets messed up, reflecting the way it is put together.

For example, changing the org chart from top-down to left->right makes a mess of the connecting lines. This can be fixed by changing the magnets from N-S to E-W. However, there are some connections that I have not been able to generate (easily). An example is a tree structure. I am able to do this by reformatting and realigning all of the daughter topics. However, adding a new topic causes the layout to fall apart.

Is there a way to generate any of these other layout structures? This seems like a fairly basic application for a graphic layout package like this. At a minimum, could someone tell me how to force newly added topics to conform to a style so that I don't need to reset the style on everything?