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One test you can do is see if the menu item is active.

In mail, select some text, then go to the following menu item:
Mail->Services->OmniFocus:Send to Inbox

If that menu item is highlighted, then you should be able to clip the selected area.

If you can clip an item using the menu.
You should be able to clip using the shortcut you assigned.
If you can't clip using the shortcut, then try assigning a different shortcut.

What operating system are you using?

I'm using the french localised version of Omnifocus, Os 10.5.6, and I have the same problem as Mwiegard: can't use the shorcut to paste the selection to Omnifocus from another application.

I have changed the shortcut, to be sure it is not used by the system or another application, but it still didn't worked...

As SpiralOcean said, I'm using the Services menu to paste anything in Omnifocus and it works. So it doesn't seem to be a script problem, but really about the shortcut...

But still, it takes big bunch of time to do so, and I'd like to use the shortcut...

Looking forward that this bug seems to be resolved in the 1.6 Sneaky peak... and hope it will not take too long until it'll be realeased as stable version...