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Originally Posted by Ward
If the OmniForumMaster is collecting votes, I'll cast mine for a single Sneaky Peek forum because ...

1. I now have three forums to watch instead of one.
Well, the new message icon does help some. So when I view just the main board, I can see if the child boards have been updated. Additionally, I tend to watch the "new posts" page.

2. The distinction between a bug, feature and general comment is often in the eye of the beholder.
Well, IMHO:
Bug - something that doesn't work as it did in 5.1.3 (and in the 5.5 case, something that does work in Safari or WebKit.)
Feature - something in addition to 5.1.3
General - "How do you organize your workspaces?" and other threads that don't fall under the above two.

However, I can't claim any unbiasedness: