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I currently sync OF between two computers via a thumb drive (one PPC on 10.4 and one Intel on 10.6, if it matters). Today I got this error:

Unable to synchronize database with server.
Unable to read document.
Unrecognizable transaction file name “2010~105.ZIP”; should contain a date separator of “=”.

I'm assuming that this is because (I just realized) the thumb drive is formatted to FAT16 (I could have sworn I reformatted it and not to that, but that's what Disk Utility says so I guess it's true). The weird thing is, though, that I'd been using this same drive, syncing every day for two weeks, without this issue.

My question boils down to: what are the recommended/supported disk formats when syncing to disk, and can we get an informative error message when trying to sync to a location which will break OF's storage format?