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Hmmm... as far as I know, we're using standard cocoa stuff to read/write. If OS X can handle the file format, I wouldn't expect it to matter beyond that. If we try to write to the disk and get an error back from the OS, we'd say something at that point...

<pause for a bit of google searching>

Okay... I think I have an idea of what happened. According to this thread on Apple's support forums, fat16 and fat32 treat the entire path to the file as part of the file name.

I'm guessing that the path to that specific zip file went over the 255-character filename limit in fat16. The disk truncated the name, so when we tried to read it, you got that error.

Upshot: if you reformat the flash drive as NTFS, this won't happen again.

I don't know enough about how flash drives work to know if we dropped an error message on the floor or if flash drives just silently write the file out with a different name. It's probably best to assume the worst, so I'll write up a feature request on checking the file system of the disk we're syncing to and offering a warning or something. :-)

Thanks for letting us know about this!

I'll write up a feature request on detecting the file system and warning about

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