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I'm having some frustrating problems with the durations of tasks. I'm trying to set them primarily by typing in the value in the duration column of the outline, and most of them are in the range of 1-4 hours. This sometimes works, but sometimes after typing in the value and then moving the cursor to another field, the value becomes blank. Typing it in a second time usually gets it to "stick", but even then, other problems occur.

When I click "level resources", some of the durations change, and from there, things just go from bad to worse. After that, the durations start snapping to weird values; typing in "1h" might result in the task being "3h", and there is apparently no way to fix it. I can't drag the task manually to the right length, and when I tried to set the duration by the start/end times in the task inspector, focus was "stuck" on the end time field.

I'm not 100% clear on all of the symptoms and causes, but I imagine you guys already know that task durations are pretty much completely hosed in the current beta (1.0b7)?