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I'm not 100% clear on all of the symptoms and causes, but I imagine you guys already know that task durations are pretty much completely hosed in the current beta (1.0b7)?
Actually, no we weren't aware of this behavior. And my naive attempts to reproduce this behavior aren't revealing it either. I've got a few questions that might help track this down, though.

1) If you start a brand new OmniPlan file, create a few tasks, and adjust their durations, do you get the same behavior?

2) Do you have resources assigned to these tasks that don't work 40 hours per week?

3) Would it be possible to send us the file that's giving you all this trouble? If you choose "Send Feedback..." from the Help menu, there's an option to attach an anonymous version of your file (task names, etc. are changed). Also include in the email either a link to this forum thread, or the same description of your difficulties.