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I'm working on a project with Omniplan, and for the most part, things are great. I'm having the following problem, however:

I want to put in a task that has a duration in calendar terms -- for example, the task will take 2 calendar weeks. There is a person (resource) who is responsible for the project during that time period. How do I set this up?

Here's what I've tried:
-- It seems to work if I don't assign a resource. But then I can't track that this person is responsible during that time.
-- If I assign a resource, I can't figure out the right combination of working hours for that resource (in the calendar view) and "duration conversion factors" (in the Project Formatting Inspector) so that it works out to be 2 calendar weeks.

Another dumb question -- should I always be thinking in terms of "hours" when I'm setting up durations? For example, when I think of a certain group, I think, "It'll take them a week to finish that," and I'm taking into account their schedule -- maybe they work 2 hours a day, so by "a week" I mean "10 hours." For other groups, though, "a week" might consist of five 9-hour days, so my mental picture of "a week" for them is 45 hours. From what I can tell, you set up these hour-day-week relations in the Project Formatting, but on a project-wide setting (not resource-based), right? How do I get around this?

Thanks for any help!