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You want the duration to be fixed, and the effort to vary with the amount of resources assigned.
That sounds exactly like what I want.

So put two weeks in the duration field, and make sure the little people icon next to the duration is light gray and the effort one is dark gray.
I didn't notice that these little people icons were clickable! From your description, it sounds like light gray means "enter a value here" and dark gray means "calculate this value from the light gray user-entered value." Is that right?

If you assign the resources first, and then set up durations it should help you work around the fact that different people work different numbers of hours per week.
That would be great, but it didn't work that way for me. Maybe I can set up an example:

1. New document with default values (work day is 8a-12p, 1-5p, 5 days per week).
2. Make a new resource, called "hard workers." They work same hours, but also weekends.
3. Create a task that should take 1 week to complete, duration =1w (=40 hours in the "Duration Conversion Factors" box). It uses 5 work days (skipping the weekend). When you mouse over it, it says "Start 10/11/06, 8:00 am, End 10/17/06, 5:00 pm"). OK, we have a 1-week task, by the calendar.

OK, now I can't figure out how to set the resource to "Hard Workers" and have the duration NOT CHANGE from 1w. No matter what I do, it now says when I mouse over the task, "Start 10/11/06, 8:00 am, End 10/15/06, 5:00 pm."

I understand that these hard workers will finish the 40-hour job in 40 hours, which is 5 days from the start (no weekends), and of course, that's 1 week of their EFFORT. But I want the DURATION to be 7 calendar days, whatever their effort is. Clicking the little gray people isn't helping me.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Thanks again for your help and patience...