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Right from the get go I've had nothing but problems syncing Omnifocus between my macbook and iphone. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I had a long conversation with Omni support but it didn't really resolve anything so I set up a webdav server on the mac and used that. For a couple of months it worked great but a couple of weeks ago it broke and because I didn't have time to track down the problem I went back to bonjour syncing, which worked. Then a week or so ago it worked intermittently. Then today it packed up altogether so I went on a bug hunt. it seems that it's a firewall problem - firewall has always been on, even when sync was working. Turn off firewall, it syncs, turn it back on again, it doesn't. But Omnifocus is in the list of allowed applications. So I figure it's probably picking random ports to sync on. I'm using Snow Leopard.

I'm stumped now. I like OF but I can't keep switching firewalls on and off just to sync the damn thing so it looks like it's back to Things. But first a short rant.

This is obviously a long standing problem for OF; Reams of links to OF sync problems on google and there's even a dedicated forum topic here for sync problems. Why is this such a big deal. No other app seems to have sync problems so why should OF. After what looks like a couple of years of sync mayhem it's still the single most talked about problem with OF. So what's wrong, why can't it be nailed?