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I would welcome forum members thoughts on this:

The challenge:
I only have OF for iPad and am trying to figure out a way to generate a weekly report that I can share with my business partner. She has OF for Mac, and I know that she can export to a PDF.

The question:
Is OF for iPad such a closed system that my data is 'stuck' in there, absent the presence of OF for Mac?

Some background:
My partner and I are trying to work out an efficient way to perform a weekly, group status review, if you will, of each others project components, without having to actually have a physical 'here is where I am on each of the tasks on my projects' meeting. (Who needs another meeting, huh?)

We have agreed that having the ability to just scan the others weekly project progress, tasks and such would be beneficial to us in not making sure that we know where we are on our different project pieces but also because sometimes we are/might be able to provide a little help or guidance to each other based upon our past experiences and what we see the other working on. Also, we see this as a way to ensure that we are not unnecessarily duplicating our efforts at times. And it helps us to be accountable to each other.

My thinking, which works on her end, is to perform a weekly export to PDF of her working projects which she would email to me and I could review over the weekend and provide feedback, if any is necessary. I would like to do the same but don't know of anyway to do this currently with OF for iPad (outside of purchasing OF of Mac just so I could get the export feature.)