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I love Omnigraffle and rely on it quite a bit.

HOWEVER, the latest release 5.3.3 has made the already frustrating experience of running Omnigraffle on Lion even worse.

Now, in addition to spinning rainbow ball, I've experienced the following:

* Unable to save doc
* When zooming doc to fit in screen, it only fills about a third of my screen/aligned bottom
* Auto-resizing doc is on a fritz / uncontrollable (I can't control the doc size)
* Unable to edit steps in grid (stuck at 8 by default)
* When I change paper orientation from vertical to horizontal using Page set up, it does not change the orientation of my canvas

Bottom line, 5.3.3 release has made my installation of Omnigraffle useless.

Would really appreciate a fix soon.

Thank you very much.