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The file is in the root folder of the install, you can see the copy on github here.

The file_types section shows the config for each of the supported output types. If you scroll down to the ICS section you can see it's got a time_control_default setting:

        "ICS": {
            "_1": "time_control_default can contain the magic that you can put in a note to control when the item appears in the calendar", 
            "_2": "The time_control_default is only used if there is no '%of cal' directive in the node", 
            "plugin": "ics", 
            "suffixes": [
            "template": "ics", 
            "time_control_default": "ignored unless it is of the right format"
So you could put any directive (see the doc) in there as a default rather than cluttering all your notes.


%of cal allday noalarm
Okay. I get it conceptually. But where exactly do I stick "%of cal allday noalarm"?

I do best when I see a concrete example of the thing in context. Does "%of cal allday noalarm" replace "ignored unless it is of the right format"? Does it go before or after it? Or does it go somewhere else entirely?