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3.0.3 fixed the import issue with google calendar. But it did not fix the issues on my phone. Not sure why. Those don't show as all day.

I'm using dropsync to get the .ics to my phone. Then I'm using a program called iCalSync2 to sync the .ics to the phone calendar.
I've failed to find good documentation on this, the following two links were the most useful:


and I'm using the advice in the second.

I ended up hand crafting a small ics file (it's "just text") and re-syncing with OSX Calendar until it displayed correctly, on the right day and in the right time zone. When that worked I fixed the code to produce the same data.

For those who care, the following code from applies this logic:

def format_date (item, the_date, is_due_date):
    if 'allday' in item.attribs:
        # Make all day - must have no hms in format
        the_date = datetime (the_date.year, the_date.month,, 0, 0, 0)
        if is_due_date:
            the_date = the_date + timedelta (days=1)
        # NO UTC CONVERSION - it happens on the day we asked for - no adjustment required
        result = the_date.strftime(DATE_FORMAT_SHORT) 
        the_date = utc (the_date)   
        result = the_date.strftime(DATE_FORMAT_LONG)
    typ = 'due' if is_due_date else 'start'
    logger.debug ("formatted date for %s is %s:%s",, typ, result)
    return result

I've had problems with OSX/IOS calendar where it fails to pick up title changes for some time, I think it looks for new/deleted items regularly but doesn't re-sync updated ones every time.

Currently my Calendar apps are subscribed directly to the exported ics file which is published from dropbox and when I force them to update do instantly.

If your phone is displaying the calendar event in the same way as it was before you upgraded to V3.0.3 I'd suspect a cacheing issue.

Sorry for the rambling reply, but hopefully it'll shed some light on what's going on.