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i just found out how powerful applescript with omnigraffle is and played a bit around with it. But after a few hours i got a problem that i couldn't solve. maybe someone has an idea.

I have an applescript that draws some shapes into a diagram.
The position of that shapes is given by absolute coordinates e.G. 0/0. This is very unhandy if I want to use that script in a big diagram when I'm just editing an other area than that around 0/0. For example say I'm just editing my diagram on coord 1234/1234 (this is maybe on page 2), when I apply my script, I have to go back to 0/0 to grab my stuff and place it where i currently were. I would like my script to position the shapes relative to my current position in the diagram.

Is there any chance to draw relative to my current position, or to get the absolute position of my current viewport?

thanks for your help!